Pacific City Dory Fishing It's more than just a fishing experience!

Pacific City Dory Fishing Charters

A long time tradition at Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City Oregon. The Dory experience is worth the trip alone, launching from the beach and heading out over the surf.  Coming back in, surfing the waves and running the boat up on the beach is a thrill of its own.  Pacific City Dory boat rides are part of this fishing adventure, breaking though the surf to make it to the fishing grounds.

Pacific City dory fishing is a great fishery for all ages and skill levels. Weather we are fishing for Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Salmon, Halibut and of course pulling pots Dungeness crab. Though we are not able to target all these species at the same time it allows us to fish many months though out the year.

If you fish with us, you will be fishing from a new custom built 2019 Breaker Dory. This Dory was custom built specifically for Pacific City dory fishing. It is equipped with the finest equipment; electric crab pot puller and live well to keep your crab fresh.

Pacific City Dory Fishing Charters
Pacific City Dory Fishing Charters
Pacific City Dory Fishing Charters

Our recent trips We create pleasant and cheerful memories.

Pacific City Dory Fishing Charters

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What to expect when you go charter fishing in Pacific City ?

An all around fishing experience Pacific City Dory Fishing…

We will meet in the parking lot of the Pelican Brewery at Cape Kiwanda. There, we will have a safety meeting so everyone knows what to expect for the day. Then we load up in the Dory and truck for a short drive down on the beach to launch. Everyone will be aboard the Dory when we launch so you don’t have to get wet. Waterproof shoes are always a good idea. Once the Dory is launched in the surf, it will be walked out to deeper water and at that point I will climb in, fire up the motor and off we go.

Once we leave the beach we have a short run to the fishing grounds. While out on the water, the sky is the limit on what you may see or catch. We come across a large variety of fish and wildlife including Whales, Dolphins, Sun Fish and a closer look at Chief Kiwanda Rock.

Family fun at Pacific City Dory Fishing

There are no fishing ports nearby, so when in Pacific City we have the luxury of fishing a very remote reef that for the most part is private to the Pacific City dory fleet. This keeps this fishery world class here at Pacific City Oregon! Because we are within 10 minutes of the fishing grounds, it leaves more time to make sure you get the quality fish you came for. Also, we try to make the experience even better by using lightweight quality rods to get the best fight from your fish. Once we are done fishing, we will pull the crab pots with the electric pot puller and head to the beach. Where we will get your crabs cooked up and your fish cleaned up.

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